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Customer Experience Platform Nuvi Transforms Modern Social Data

Nuvi adds dozens of new data visualizations and customized dashboards to help enterprise companies get more insights out of social data.
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Nuvi, the Social Customer Experience platform known for its social analytics and customer experience management tools, now showcases more than 250+ ways to visual social data. This commitment to data visualization hearkens back to the origin of Nuvi’s name, short for New Visualizations. Nuvi believes that better data visualization translates into better data insights and thus more effective strategies. With 3 out 4 shoppers currently reporting their buying decisions are influenced by social media, enterprise marketing and customer experience strategies increasingly rely on social data. The ability to present that data in unique ways is key to making social data useful and effective.

Some of the most prominent social data visualizations released in 2020 include:

  • A new 200-point Sentiment Score
  • Share of Voice for all types of comparative analyses
  • Emotion Petal Chart reporting on all 8 core emotions
  • Share of Engagement
  • Vulgarity time series
  • Subjectivity time series
  • Engagement Count
  • Trending Adjectives
  • Trending Author Bio Entities
  • Most Shared Mentions
  • Most Liked Mentions
  • New graph types including Steam and Control graphs
  • Customizable drag-and-drop dashboards
  • and more

The depth and breadth of these visualizations are made more powerful with the ability to create an endless variety of customizable dashboards. These drag-and-drop dashboards provide new perspectives through which to gain valuable insights into strategy formation. This continued commitment to social data innovation has earned Nuvi the title of “2020’s Best Social Media Analytics Platform” by Martech Breakthrough Awards.

Taylor F, Digital and Content Strategist commented, “Nuvi makes real-time listening and monitoring easier than ever, helping to guide content strategy with visual data and actionable insights. When we need to complete competitor audits or pull historical social data, Nuvi is our go-to social tool.”

Nuvi continues to stay committed to helping enterprise organizations get the most out of their social data.

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