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Distinguished Full-cycle Automation Provider Kryon Achieves Net Promotor Score +61

Customer-Generated Ranking Doubles Software & Apps Industry Standard
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Kryon®, a leading robotic process automation (RPA), process discovery and AI solution provider known for its unique Kryon Full-Cycle Automation™ suite, today announced its Net Promotor Score (NPS) of +61, overriding its competitors and validating the company’s excellence status in overall customer satisfaction. This score is based on the results of an opt-in survey of Kryon’s existing enterprise RPA customers martech news.

NPS is a loyalty metric that serves as the indicator of a company’s understanding of the needs of its customers and, in turn, their willingness to act as a reference for the vendor. The average NPS for the “Software & Apps” industry is +30; a standard that Kryon has now surpassed by more than 30 points, even substantially exceeding its own previous year’s score martech.

“We are proud to see such overwhelming global customer satisfaction,” says Ohad Barnoy, Kryon’s Vice President of Customer Success. “We have scored well above our competitors. Kryon puts customer success first and foremost. We continue to strive to higher levels constantly marketing automation.”

Feedback from the customers included comments, such as:

  • “Our interactions with Kryon’s customer service are great. Really great.”
  • “Great product, significantly improving with every release”
  • “It’s a great service, quick response, clear communication and thorough close out. Strong capabilities backed up by a great team of customer success, customer services and sales!”
  • “The entire Kryon team has been fantastic. Nothing that I can think of requires improvement.”
  • “Kryon offered to come to our office and have a mini-training session with just us. That was awesome. That was part of their standard service.”
  • “Kryon’s technical support is very good.”

Kryon will repeat this survey every six months to gauge the on-going health of its experiential protocols and to ensure its persistent growth. A small sampling of Kryon’s customer-focused features include community forums, academy and online or on-site training programs, as well as an on-demand support portal available always, around the clock.

“The fact that our customers classify Kryon as an attentive partner is the most gratifying recognition we will receive,” says Harel Tayeb, CEO of the company. “We will forever sustain a business model that synchronizes technical and experiential expectations and are pleased to be doing so in a way which exceeds all industry criteria.”

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