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FTD Switches to Digital Experience Leader FullStory Platform

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Floral industry leader switches to FullStory to optimize the digital experience while introducing new digital-first capabilities and features

FullStory, a global leader in digital experience insights and analytics, today announced that FTD, a leader in the floral industry for more than a century, has switched to the FullStory platform as it realigns its technology to provide an outstanding experience to every customer, everywhere they shop.

Through FullStory, FTD can understand, measure, and improve the digital experience based on nuanced diagnostic insights into customer actions, preferences, and behaviors. FTD can easily identify and amplify what works best for its customers online, as well as surface improvements based on frustrations and stumbles along the digital journey. Real-time diagnostic insights are immediately available across FTD’s product, engineering, and UX teams, helping the organization effectively align around the customer and break down internal information silos as it builds out a best-of-breed, digital technology infrastructure.

“FTD was founded 110 years ago as a technology company with an instant wire service that revolutionized the transfer of goods and services,” said Matt Powell, Chief Technology Officer at FTD. “As we return to our core identity as a technology innovator, we are reimagining and rearchitecting our infrastructure to create new value and delightful experiences for our customers. FullStory provides us with evidence that we are on the right path in the eyes of our users and confidence that we can quickly identify and correct problems while navigating immense change.”

As one of the very first steps in its replatforming effort, FTD switched to FullStory following a rigorous evaluation of competing product and experience analytics solutions. FTD chose FullStory based on the company’s usability and unique ability to capture complete digital experience data without tagging or instrumentation. FullStory was rapidly implemented and immediately delivered actionable insights into sessions and events.

With FullStory, FTD benefits from a complete, retroactive and searchable dataset of customer behavior, and can pair business level insights and visualization with back-end network and console information to understand issues, prioritize fixes, remediate bugs, and measure the impact of those changes. Sophisticated dashboards provide searchable access to robust analytics and unlimited insights into user behavior, including drop off points, navigation, product selection and more, as well as the ability to synthetically recreate sessions for context as needed.

“By showing us not just what customers do but why, FullStory helps ensure we are providing the best possible digital experience – and getting the maximum value from each technology investment we make,” continued Powell. “Our teams rave about the power and usability of the FullStory platform and it is an indispensable part of our digital transformation.”

“FTD and FullStory are completely aligned that the future belongs to digital-first organizations who put customers at the center of every aspect of their business,” said FullStory founder and CEO Scott Voigt. “We’re proud to provide the digital insights and analytics that will help FTD’s business bloom. Our partnership will enable the brand to transform in harmony with partners, customers, and everyone who digitally engages with the brand.”

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