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How will technology change marketing in 2018?

technology change marketing in 2018

We are living in a digital world that has seen marketing take different forms. Marketing is all about understanding the pulse of the customers and connecting with them. It provides the element of human engagement and impacts individuals and their lifestyles.

The smartphones have taken over everything in its stride with a majority of us using mobiles to connect on the social media and so on. Therefore, any marketing campaign has to tap this avenue to be successful. The best brand today is the one that resonates the best with the consumers. It brings to fore the concept of influencer marketing.

You can build an emotional connection between consumers and influencers. Using the right influencers to spread the message across is the vital aspect of marketing today. The number of mobile ads is increasing day by day with the figure expected to touch 62% of digital ad spends in India by the year 2021.

The introduction of AI, VR, and Chatbots has revolutionized marketing entirely. The smarter brands are those that employ such innovative methods to market their products. It is vital for the message to reach the right customer at the appropriate time. Hence, there is a greater need to collect real-time data about the customers to boost the marketing techniques.

Let us look at five ways technology will change marketing in 2018. We have seen the importance of the mobile phone technology. The second one we are talking about is the Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology brings with it an enhanced level of digital privacy and effectively tackles issues like identity management.

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in it as well. You have Chatbots enabling real-time conversations with consumers thereby instilling a lot of confidence in a brand. Machine learning is going to create a massive impact in the future with the use of digital assistants. AI has come to stay with concepts such as self-driven cars and drones and so on.

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