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Indegene Spins Off Digital Agency Arm iON to Partner Brand Journey Through Advanced Brand Strategy, Standardized and Compliant Creative Work, and Analytics-based Campaign Management


Indegene, a leading next-generation solutions organization for the life sciences industry globally, today spun off its brand strategy and creative services into a separate digital marketing agency – iON. Not satisfied with the current ‘agency of record’ (AOR) structures, pharma companies are increasingly considering pharma and digital domain specialists like Indegene for integrated digital agency services. iON brings deep creative capabilities deployed at scale with close integration of data and technology, which helps life sciences organizations to better leverage the power of digital. “We have been partners to the truly transformational journeys life sciences companies have undertaken for their commercial capabilities. Through iON, we will enable the industry deploy creative capabilities in modern ways, similar to what we have done on medical content for a decade,” said Manish Gupta, CEO, Indegene.

Jamie Peck, Managing Director, iON, said, “The Pharma industry is aggressively looking to shift to an agile, transparent, technology- and analytics-led integrated agency structure that will help deliver their brand and marketing goals. Indegene is uniquely poised to address this market need with its de-layered resource structure, time-tested analytics and technology solutions, and domain expertise to provide compliant creative services in a dynamic digital environment.”

iON focuses on the brand maturity journey by offering multidimensional and longitudinal brand strategy, building on the digital maturity levers defined by its parent company, Indegene. iON’s service architecture includes medical content, technology, segmentation and messaging, analytics and optimization, creative and customer experience, engagement (search and media), and production services. Compliance, consistency, and continuity will be at the core of iON’s brand management solutions.

iON is highly differentiated from its closest industry competitors. iON combines Intelligent Actions Brain[TM] based on deep customer graph algorithms and Intelligent Content Brain[TM] trained on high-volume life sciences content by medical experts. “Leveraging its Indegene pedigree, iON uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Neural Networks to drive superior client value,” added Peck.

According to Nielsen 2017 data, the average spends on marketing and promotions by Pharma companies in the United States were likely around $35 billion, of which relationship management (physician-focused) would be $22 billion, inclusive of field sales and sampling costs. According to the projections by digital market researcher eMarketer, by 2020, the US health care and pharma industries will spend upwards of $3 billion on digital advertising alone annually. Their forecast represents a compound annual growth rate of more than 13% in pharma digital marketing spends since 2014. iON intends to tap into this high-potential segment.

Currently, iON has been retained by multiple big and mid-sized pharma clients for campaign and brand strategy, creative offerings, account services, project management, medical content, and analytics. The company also plans to tap into similar growing demands in the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions using Indegene’s successful delivery hubs in the United StatesEurope, and Asia.

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About Indegene:
Indegene ( enables global health care organizations to address complex challenges by seamlessly integrating analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise; and drive better health and business outcomes. Indegene is at the forefront of driving innovation by combining medical expertise with contemporary digital and artificial intelligence technologies; resulting in IP, patents, and transformational solutions for the life sciences industry.

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