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Jumpshot launches enhancements to its insights platform

Brands like Unilever, Microsoft, Google and Yelp are leveraging the Jumpshot platform to better understand and connect with consumers
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Jumpshot, the only company that unlocks walled garden data, today announced the release of two new analytics modules within its Insights platform. Jumpshot Insights, a marketing analytics solution, enables marketers to understand consumers’ entire path-to-purchase online. These new features, Cross-Shopping and Purchase Analysis, detail this path like no other technology can. In addition, Jumpshot is offering a 14-day free trial of Jumpshot Insights for a limited time.

The two new features provide marketers additional understanding of consumer browsing and purchase behavior that can be leveraged to grow market share. The Cross-Shopping feature provides a detailed picture of how consumers compare products from various brands across multiple retail sites. The Purchase Analysis feature presents which brands shoppers ultimately purchased after browsing multiple options. This performance data lets brands understand how and where consumers are making decisions, like never before.

“Companies looking at only their own eCommerce data are missing a massive piece of the digital action,” according to Deren Baker, CEO of Jumpshot. “Jumpshot has always had great data on digital transactions and the customer journey.  Now, we are adding point-and-click ease for companies to understand the competitive nuances of the categories they play in and offering actionable insights on consumers’ path-to-purchase. Data on this behavior is otherwise impossible to obtain, and it yields a picture of your true competitive set, missed opportunities, unexpected challenges and new opportunities to grow.”

Leading consumer goods company Unilever recently leveraged Jumpshot’s Insights platform to build a growth strategy for Axe, improving its exposure to a hard-to-reach customer segment: males aged 18-35. Axe wanted to learn from what perspective customers read, watch and purchase online. Jumpshot Insights helped Axe understand the “body wash” category and its market share within that category. It analyzed the demographic composition and behaviors of males under 35 who buy Axe versus the general population.

The Jumpshot Insights platform worked for Axe by revealing that its target segment:

  • Are gamers.
    • 35 percent of video game buyers bought a Nintendo game
    • They bought 2.4 gaming products on average (during a one-month time period)
  • Watch gaming content on YouTube and social media.
    • Gamers visited YouTube 2X more than other domains
    • Reddit and Twitter ranked high in cross-visitation with Instagram falling behind
  • Access gaming sites directly or through Google.
    • Twitch and Reddit account for 80 percent of sessions
    • Average visitor viewed 4-5 pages per visit
  • Are resistant to sponsored ads.
    • Gaming sites drive less than 10 percent of traffic to external domains
    • IGN refers the most traffic to Amazon product pages

With detailed data from Jumpshot, Unilever’s Axe brand improved its understanding of how and where to most effectively reach their target customers.

“We’ve been able to get to a level of insight using Jumpshot data that we’ve never seen before. The granularity of the digital behaviors and insights of a niche audience has been instrumental in building out targetable segments for the brand,” said Rick van Yperen, head of global analytics & digital insights, Unilever.

Jumpshot’s enhanced Insights platform lets brand marketers and retailers:

  • Track competitive performance from search to purchase – Marketers can adjust strategies to gain market share from their competitors. In addition, marketers can dissect and compare their sales volume, conversion rates, price and more, across all marketplaces and product categories.
  • Get a full view into all online retailers for any category – With Insights, marketers can figure out who to partner with, and which ads to sponsor to boost sales. They can identify high-performing marketplaces by analyzing every retailer’s sales, trending brands and the top on-site search keywords.
  • Understand how and where to reach consumers across the web – Marketers can identify and target their brands’ key personas by specific online browsing behaviors from the publishers visited and genres streamed. Also, marketers now have the ability to uncover the top referring domains and keywords on both search engines and retailer sites.

About Jumpshot:
Jumpshot delivers digital intelligence from within the internet’s most valuable walled gardens. The company’s real-time, anonymized global panel tracks five billion actions a day across 100 million devices to deliver insights into online consumer behavior. Jumpshot works with customers including Unilever, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Yelp, Condé Nast and TripAdvisor, among others. Learn more about Jumpshot at

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