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Marketing automation software has a long way to go.

Marketing automation software

Marketing is indeed the core of any business. Seeing its vitality, many marketing automation software has made its debut in the market. A survey conducted by GetResponse and SmartInsights reveals the true creditability of marketing automation software.

585 marketers of various B2C and B2B firms functioning in 19 various industries took part in the survey. The conclusion of the survey states that only 8% of marketers believe that marketing automation software has really helped them to draft and plan an effective marketing strategy while the 28% still believes that their manual expertise is at par with the performance of the software.

Furthermore, 19% of marketers claimed not to take any sort of virtual help of marketing automation software by making marketing programs.

The findings of the survey clearly show that marketing automation software has a long way to go to establish its viability in the market. Only a trivial percentage showed faith in its functionality.

The marketing automation software is a tool that helps a marketer to increase its functionality by eliminating the repetitive tasks like sending e-mail, social media posting, and so on. This way it saves both time and money. Seeing this, we can easily say that it is indeed an effective tool to increase the effectiveness of marketing plans.  Many varieties of the software exits in the market and marketers are choosing as per their needs.

Slowly and gradually, it is coming into mainstream and predictions are made that marketing automation software is going to experience a huge surge in the demand by 2025. As per the forecasts, this industry will touch the mark of $7.6bn worldwide by 2025.

But the major stumbling block is the half or less information about the actual potential of the software. Majority of the marketers are still oblivious to it that leads to limited usage.

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