Martech Interview with Emilie Drishinski, Oracle Advertising | MBA

The advertising space is fast-paced and the digital landscape is evolving. In this interview, Emilie Drishinski shares her views on marketing automation platforms and social marketing campaigns.

Measuring impressions, views, purchases, etc. will give a brand the best place to look when it comes to what is most impactful on their ROI.

1. Could you tell us more about your role at Oracle? What are the challenges client partners face every day?
As a Client Partner at Oracle Advertising, I lead growth strategy with IPG for activation products such as third-party audiences and contextual targeting solutions. My day-to-day consists of meeting with Agencies, Platforms, and Advertisers directly to strategize upcoming/current campaigns and strategize targeting solutions.
The advertising space is very fast paced and in the digital landscape is always changing. Staying up to date on industry changes, as well as capturing advertisers’ times to relay these changes and solutions can be challenging.

2. You’ve co-founded The End Marketing- a one-stop solution to advertising, SEO, and creative marketing needs. How does End help marketers drive social media conversions?
End Marketing utilize multiple tools and solutions to drive social media conversions. As someone who has worked in the marketing and advertising space in NYC for a few years, I’ve co-founded End Marketing with my husband Nick who works in tech and e-commerce. Combining these two experience sets has given us a deep understanding of clientele needs as well as find solutions that help marketers gain the results they’re looking for.

3. Which advertising metrics have a direct impact on the bottom line?
Measurement on all fronts is the key in determining the impact on the bottom line. Reach is important to marketers, but loses value if ads aren’t placed in front of the right consumer.

Measuring impressions, views, purchases, etc. will give a brand the best place to look when it comes to what is most impactful on their ROI.

4. How can brands get the most out of cross-platform advertising?
The best way to get the most out of cross platform advertising is to allow for A/B testing. Some adds may resonate better on “platform A” but may not be as effective on “platform B.” Testing and tweaking ads on various platforms will aid in maximizing results.

5. What are the best marketing automation platforms every marketer should have in their toolkit?
Recent technology has allowed for are so many amazing marketing automation tools and solutions. For small business an email marketing tool such as MailChimp is amazing way to build clientele and keep an open communication stream with your clients.

6. How should brands go about creating their social marketing campaigns?
Brands should set realistic expectations when marketing on social media. Social media can be the “wild west” at times. I often hear advertisers say that “awareness” is their primary KPI when marketing on social media. It’s important for an advertiser to be aware that it’s hard to track direct sales that come from creating brand awareness. It takes take to and effort to determine results so be patient with social media marketing campaigns.

7. How would a privacy-first world shape how marketers reach their target audience?
The push for data-privacy should be top of mind for advertisers and marketers. For example, Google announcing the deprecation of cookies by the end of 2023 will drastically change digital marketing landscape. That being said, companies like Oracle Advertising and now my own company End Marketing, have rolled out solutions that are also privacy centric. The landscape is always changing and as it does new tools and solutions have and will continue to become available.

8. What’s your take on Digital Asset Management?
I’m a big fan of Digital Asset Management tools and software’s. The amount of digital assets being utilized online from a single advertiser is unfathomable. As a business continues to grow their online presence it’s necessary that utilize a DAM to stay organized and maintain consistency across content and creative partners. A Digital Asset Management tool provides incremental benefits to a business as they continue to grow.

9. Less is more, and we love the minimalistic design of your website How has the journey of starting your agency been so far?
Starting my own agency has been an amazing journey. Working in the marketing and advertising space for years versus running your own company is entirely different. It’s been challenging but it’s been an incredible experience being able to utilize different parts of my creative mind as well as meeting so many incredible people.

10. What’s the best part of your day? How do you like to spend your weekends?
I love meeting with clients. I love getting to know people who are so passionate about their businesses and what they do. Being able to assist in someone’s passions and take a piece of it daily is the best part of my day.
My weekends are primarily spent being a permanent NYC tourist – I typically go for a walk around central park, or go to a Broadway show or Baseball game.

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Emilie Drishinski has an MBA with a specialization in Marketing from Louisiana State University. Emilie currently works in New York City for Oracle Advertising where she helps brands and agencies activate 3rd party audiences and contextual targeting solutions. Emilie is also the co-founder of End Marketing – a digital marketing agency focused on small and medium businesses.

Oracle Advertising offers a unique mix of technology and data to to address today's marketing and advertising needs.

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