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Mediaocean Announces Partnership with Strigo


Mediaocean, the mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising, today announced a new partnership with Strigo, provider of the leading unified platform for remote, instructor-led, software training. Given its longstanding commitment to professional development and enterprise-grade training, Mediaocean Education, the division dedicated to supporting the company’s agency partners, clients, and teams around the world, has become a power user of the Strigo Classroom. The formal partnership reflects an increased level of commitment and scaling of operations between the companies.

“Our commitment to our partners and customers at companies of all sizes and remote requirements is already well established. In fact, Mediaocean has been delivering virtual, instructor-led, hands-on learning for over four years,” said Dan Braithwaite, Director of Product Training, at Mediaocean. “Strigo is a powerful next step to drive engagement and interactivity even further – as well as the perfect user interface for all of our training. The platform is nimble and free of the restrictions we encountered with other solutions. And, there is a visual dynamism to the interface that allows us to constantly unlock new opportunities. This goes a long way with our customers, as reflected in our NPS, which has climbed by over 9%.”

During increasingly complex and bandwidth-constrained times, customer training has become a critical component to optimal business outcomes. With a commitment to customer success as a guiding principle, Mediaocean continues to invest in its training infrastructure to scale and improve the enterprise quality of its training. Mediaocean Education now provides 70% of its training through Strigo and plans to continue to expand its use. To supplement these efforts, Mediaocean Education also provides over 1,000 eLearning videos and 1,575 learning articles for its learners.

The Mediaocean, Strigo-powered solution benefits learners by providing:

  • An all-in-one workspace enabling students to practice using the product in the safety of the classroom, with seamless guidance and coaching available
  • An easy-to-use, web-based UI that learners and trainers use to communicate with each other by voice, video, and chat
  • A platform designed with students in mind for ease of joining, never requiring a download and always enabling joining via the browser
  • A platform that allows the trainer to give additional one-on-one support for students if required

“For us, Mediaocean is the ideal partner. Like our very best clients, their education division leadership is using the Strigo Classroom to empower their customers, instill confidence, and reduce friction by creating seamless hands-on training experiences that can be delivered virtually at any time to best fit the needs of each customer,” said Daniel Wolf, Strigo’s CEO. “We’re excited to team with them as they scale their offering and solution, exploring all the possibilities this partnership can unlock.”

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