Influencers, Social & Relationships named a Pinterest Marketing Partner, expanding its support for Pinterest Creators

Martech, the leading influencer marketing platform with over 70,000 influencers, brands and agencies announces today they are a launch partner in Pinterest’s Influencer Marketing program and has been badged as an official Pinterest Marketing Partner under the Content Marketing Specialty. Pinterest’s new program provides a limited number of companies with an API that gives access to valuable creator metrics and easier discoverability.

“Pinterest has always provided a unique way for the best content creators to share and amplify incredible content. This allows brands to build impactful influencer marketing programs that can live longer than just the most recent Pins in a feed. With a renewed focus on metrics for the reach and total impressions of a creator’s content, we can start to ensure brands get maximum ROI when collaborating with creators on Pinterest.”-Niel Robertson, CEO, 

Traditionally, most social platforms have focused on follower count as the key gauge of an influencer’s potential content impact. With the rise of fake followers and globally distributed audiences, the industry is looking for more foolproof ways to calculate creator reach and campaign ROI. Pinterest is uniquely designed to highlight the best content with the most downstream re-sharing. The ability to quantify this advances the state of the industry. profiles now include Pinterest creator’s true reach of their content through the Monthly Views metric rather than just their follower count.

In addition, Pinterest’s expanded API will make it easier for creators to find and showcase their brand collaboration content on Currently provides free search tools to find influencers on any platform including over 8,000 Pinterest creators. In the future plans to offer a Pinterest-specific creator search engine to take advantage of its access to API features and metrics.


With over 70,000 members, is a widely recognized leader in the influencer marketing space. By providing public influencer profiles as well as the ability for brands to recruit influencers to their campaigns, reversed the typical tedious process of influencer discovery which takes brands and agencies countless hours every day.

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