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Modernize Announces New Product to Help Smaller Contractors


Modernize Appointments Provides Marketing & Sales Support to Build Business

Modernize, the leader in home improvement contractor lead generation services, has announced the launch of Modernize Appointments, a new national offering designed to support smaller contractors who want to grow their businesses.

Modernize Appointments provides contractors with requests from homeowners for in-home appointments at specific dates and times.  These requests are delivered via email to contractors, who then evaluate the requests and confirm the appointments that fit their schedule.  This offering will allow small contractors to scale their revenue growth in a predictable way without incurring the costs of traditional marketing methods such as canvassing or calling leads.

“Small contractors often lack both the marketing infrastructure required to generate customers who need the services they provide and the sales infrastructure to work leads produced by marketing services,” said Jason Polka, CEO of Modernize. “Our new offering gives contractors, especially smaller ones, the opportunity to capitalize on digital homeowner demand at the best time for their business regardless of their marketing and sales expertise.”

Since the new Modernize Appointments service delivers homeowner appointment requests to small contractors, they can eliminate the time and effort it takes to create the lead and set in-home appointments themselves. This gives contractors the freedom to focus on revenue-generating activities.

About Modernize
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Modernize is the largest privately-owned lead generation company in the US. For over 12 years, Modernize has been a leader in the home improvement industry, connecting homeowners with contractors within energy-efficient trades such as Solar, Windows, HVAC, and Roofing. Facilitating over 1.5 million completed home improvement projects each year, Modernize is the market leader in residential lead generation.

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