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QuestionPro Launches Data Migration Tool For Researchers Looking For an Alternative to Qualtrics

Addressing a demand for an alternative to Qualtrics, QuestionPro launches a data migration solution for researchers who wish to seamlessly transition ongoing survey research and survey data onto the QuestionPro platform
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Today, QuestionPro Inc., an online survey and insights solutions company, launches a data migration and import tool specifically for Qualtrics customers looking for a powerful and cost-effective alternative in the industry. Current and former customers who wish to port existing projects can transition all current and historical survey data to QuestionPro with ease. All existing data will be accessible for ongoing research initiatives. The launch sets QuestionPro as the #1 Qualtrics alternative in the industry.

“This offering is something former and current customers of Qualtrics asked for,” says Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of QuestionPro. “To meet their demands, we’ve created a simple three-step solution to make it easy to transition and continue their research projects. Our global customer base proves that we can work with anyone anywhere no matter how you choose to collect insights.”

As a leading online survey platform, QuestionPro supports all question types, settings, customization, and reporting options seen on other platforms, QuestionPro offers a suite of product and service solutions that fit well with an organization’s ever-evolving market research objectives including:

  • A mobile offline application for field research studies
  • In-site purchases for respondent sample through QuestionPro Audience
  • A build your own panel or online communities portal through QuestionPro Communities
  • The ability to track the customer journey through QuestionPro CX
  • Tackling employee engagement surveys from the workplace culture perspective through Workforce
  • 24/7 live support and dedicated customer success management for enterprise solutions
  • FedRamp, GDPR, HIPPA, and localized server security compliance to ensure secure accessibility.

About QuestionPro, Inc.
With over 2.5 million users worldwide, QuestionPro is a leading provider of online survey and insights solutions software. Insights include tools for the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, as well as platforms for polling, mobile research, and data visualization. For over 13 years, QuestionPro has provided reliable technology to organizations including Fortune 100 companies to individual researchers.

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