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Real-Time Consumer Behavior Insights providing solution by Toluna

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Toluna has announced the launch of its new solution that provides real-time insights on consumer behavior. Toluna is an ITWP company and a leader of the consumer intelligence platform martech

Toluna’s platform delivers insights on demand. This new solution is permission-based and is available in China for the purpose of consumer behavior analysis.

The hi-tech used in this solution helps in delivering intense insights and in response to the increase in demand by the consumer sector which was previously opaque consisting of the marketers and researchers a cross-device behavioral data is delivered in China. The managing director of APAC for the organization, Ludovic Milet believes that this is a good time for the solution to arrive in the market as the consumers in the country are re-emerging from under the dark shadow that is of the coronavirus. The beginning of everyday routines by the people will allow the solution to generate data assets for the business’s SEO and Sales campaigns by tracking the website, shopping cart, search, marketing automation, etc.

This real-time data will prove to be invaluable for the retailers and organizations who know how to assess and analyze it to derive results that will help them build intelligent strategies. Having a 360-degree view of what the consumers are doing on their devices will be used by the technology to deliver deep and meaningful insights. This will be fruitful for the consumers to communicate to the consumers and develop a personalized connection which wasn’t done before.

This solution is now available in China. Does Toluna plan to launch it in other countries? Martech cube will keep tabs on that for you. Maretch cube is the publishing site that provides regular updates in the form of news, articles, etc from the Martech industry.

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