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RollWorks launches ML powered Account Scoring

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RollWorks, a marketing automation company announced machine learning powered new account scoring feature

A company of AdRoll Group, RollWorks, recently announced the launch of a new machine learning powered account scoring feature to assist account-based sales and marketing teams score and prioritize their target account lists. The new functionality in RollWork’s Account-Based Platform utilizes a predictive machine learning model that ranks accounts within a target list based on firmographic and technographic fit characteristics.

The account scoring feature is a significant update to RollWorks’ Identification Solution, which taps into data insights from over 18 million accounts and over 320 million contacts. This feature enables marketers with customer focused and prioritized sales and marketing outreach to the targets that have a higher propensity to buy based on existing closed-won customers.

Izabella Bray, senior manager, demand generation, Dialpad said that “RollWorks has been essential to the development and execution of our account-based strategy. We recently started leveraging RollWork’s Identification Solution to update and manage our target account list and discover new accounts to engage with. We’re looking forward to using account scoring and suggestions to recognize and prioritize the targets with the highest probability to become our customers.”

President of RollWork’s, Robin Bordoli said that “Organizing around a strong target account list is an essential component of an account-based approach, whether you’re just getting started or have already developed a market-leading ABM program.” He further added that “In any case, too often, selecting and prioritizing the right target accounts is a game of guesswork. That is the reason for bringing account scoring powered by high-quality data and machine learning to our platform was a must. This recently added feature not only empowers our customers with a more accurate and objective solution for account prioritization but also enhances overall collaboration between marketing and sales teams.”

The update to the Identification Solution incorporates Account Scoring and additional features:

Account Suggestions: RollWork’s predictive-scoring model surfaces new high-fit accounts from the RollWorks B2B database, empowering marketers to target accounts they are not currently tracking in their Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Syncing: The solution includes bi-directional, automated sync with Salesforce, developing dynamic target account lists that can be updated regularly and update any continuous engagement campaigns to target those lists. This feature advances closer alignment between sales and marketing teams as they mutually concentrate on a prioritized account list for marketing air cover and sales outreach.

Account Groups: Customers can segment their target accounts list into consideration teams based on firmographic properties and account scores, which will then be used to focus on certain audiences with digital advertisements using the RollWorks Engagement Solution.

Mihir Nanavati, VP of product, AdRoll Group said that “B2B businesses pursuing an account-based strategy are dealing with limited resources between sales and marketing. It’s extremely tough to create and manage a centralized target account list, and even harder to align on which target accounts to prioritize. Our new account scoring feature will give our customers a more precise and objective method for account prioritization with predictive modeling powered by our advanced machine learning technologies.”

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