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SPLICE Software’s Solutions for Voice-First Devices Win Gold in MarCom Awards

SPLICE Software's Solutions for Voice-First Devices Win Gold in MarCom Awards

SPLICE Software today announced it is a Gold Winner in the 2018 MarCom Awards Program in the category of Voice-First Marketing Technology.

The MarCom Awards recognize outstanding achievements by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of marketing communications materials and programs. In its 15th year, the Marcom Awards Program is the leader in recognizing excellence in the distillation of ideas, messages and media by marketing and communication professionals.

“For SPLICE Software’s Data-Driven Dialogs® for Voice-First Devices to be named a Gold Winner in this internationally recognized program is clear evidence of our success in the global marketplace for voice-based solutions,” said Tara Kelly, President & CEO. “As voice continues to dominate conversations of marketing and user experience, we’re committed to giving businesses even more control of their unique brand voice in the marketplace.”

The increasing popularity of AI assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home make establishing a presence on voice-first platforms a must for brands. SPLICE Software’s Solutions for Voice-First Devices let companies create an on-brand voice, building skills one time to be deployed via the company’s powerful Dialog Suite™ software across multiple voice-first platforms (and SMS, social media, email, etc.) rather than creating a one-off presence for each platform. With data and the human voice as its superpowers, SPLICE Software gives companies a way to join the API economy, leveraging data to understand customer needs and preferences so brands can deliver consistent, highly personalized service that competitors just can’t match.

As an extension of the company’s Solutions for Voice-First Devices, SPLICE Software also recently announced SynthIA™, an intuitive workflow that uses the Data-Driven Dialogs® to deploy customized speech on a scheduled and on-demand basis for voice-first device interactions. SynthIA™ allows brands to create contextually aware content in a voice chosen for their specific brand. The platform’s simple interface makes it easy to create and measure interactions with customers to see what works and what doesn’t, so they can create the best voice-first marketing strategy possible.

Final MarCom Awards winners were announced today, and the program will return in Summer 2019. Since its inception in 2004, MarCom has evolved into one of the largest, most-respected creative competitions in the world. Each year about 6,000 print and digital entries are submitted from dozens of countries. To view the full list of winners, please visit:

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About SPLICE Software
SPLICE Software blends art & science in creating stronger connections and improving the customer experience for insurers, bankers, and retailers. Our cloud-based Dialog Suite™ uses Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to deliver personalized Voice & SMS messages at critical moments along the customer journey; allows you to connect with customers via their channels of choice; and, enables you to collect and manage customers’ permissions and preferences so you can personalize, test and measure like never before. For more information on SPLICE, visit our website, connect via LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter at @SPLICESoftware.

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