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Tokema launches digital marketing arm

digital marketing arm

Tokema, the supply chain consultancy firm was co-founded by Pierre Liguori and Dominique Bartoli. Recently it has launched a digital marketing arm, to offer its clients a host of services including digital marketing, website design and management, social selling, email campaigns, etc.

Currently, Tokema operates with the help of a small core team of veteran supply chain consultants and a network of freelancers. The company functions to provide hands-on implementation services to logistics industry as well as supply chain. Mr Pierre Liguori suggested, “We help companies to optimise their operations and have successfully implemented several complex transformation projects.”

Tokema is currently optimising the supply chain process for a renowned global manufacturing company having seven plants. It is completely rebooting the client’s supply chain process. Tokema has huge experience in Third-party logistics (3PLs) which can help the clients in their operations processes and take their productivity to next level.

The digital arm which is recently launched by Tokema can boost its online visibility with the help of its high-impact digital strategies and the world-class logistics expertise. This digital marketing initiative by Tokema can prove to be highly beneficial for the logistics services providers. Mr Liguori expressed, “Non-specialised digital marketing agencies don’t fully understand the needs and challenges faced by the logistics sector. Tokema Digital has over 40 years of logistics expertise and combines it with an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. We even act as the external marketing department for most of our clients.”

The benefits of the services offered by Tokema are especially profitable for medium-sized 3PLs and transport companies. They would save time, money and energy with the help of in-depth experience and marketing savvy and digital expertise of Tokema.

This fully-fledged digital operation has been an overwhelming experience for Tokema as well. The company is now winning clients who initially come to them for support in digitisation, but in the end, are deeply impressed by Tokema’s deep knowledge and experience in logistics and supply chain optimisation.

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