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A Transformational End-to-End Platform Launched by Toluna, which gives Consumer Insights

Transformational End-to-End Platform

Toluna, an industry leader provides the consumer insights for the on-demand economy, has undergone a corporate rebrand which highlights its value and market position. Going through the rebrand is signified by the launch of TolunaInsights™, the industry’s first-ever comprehensive, automatic platform that delivers user insights in no time. These changes have already marked a major milestone based on the founding vision of 10 years past to democratize research and replicate Toluna’s evolution from a leading sample and survey supplier to a comprehensive platform-based consumer insights company. martech

“Companies face a constant battle for time and resources when it comes to accessing and acting on consumer intelligence”, aforesaid Frederic Charles-Petit, Chief Operating Officer at Toluna. “There is an increasingly urgent need across every business function for automated solutions powered by advanced technology that deliver reliable insights in real-time. TolunaInsights is our answer to that need in market research and is the culmination of a journey. We embarked on ten years ago as one of the very few technology-driven global market research companies. Our platform combines the power of millions of world influencers with world-class research expertise to ensure that companies of all sizes anywhere in the world stay at the forefront of consumer insight.”

The main thing to consider is, TolunaInsights is the only end-to-end and that too fully automated platform in the industry where, users, surveys, communities, and analytics are completely embraced and it is backed up by on-demand insights, and behavioral data from Toluna’s worldwide community. The approach of this platform will provide indeed a cost savings and time savings, without compromising the quality or confidence in decision-making, as Toluna’s experience is included in the platform itself. TolunaInsights supports its users with the utility of the best-in-class user insights solutions that too, on-demand. And it has been built to support Toluna QuickSurveys, the real-time survey platform which encourages the DIY behavior. TolunaInsights gives a benefit to its client with access to the end-to-end automated solution to acquire all the aspects of consumer insights.

“After years of some of the world’s largest companies using our proprietary consumer insight solutions, we understand the challenges facing businesses in today’s on-demand economy. We are bringing TolunaInsights to market as a single platform to meet the rapidly evolving business need across all functions for agile, yet comprehensive technology solutions,” mentioned Phil Ahad, EVP Head of Products and Strategy at Toluna. “The efficiency and scale our platform provides are unrivaled, and our goal is to provide users with efficiencies that enable them to focus on adding value, as opposed to tactical execution.  We become a true extension of any in-house consumer insights team.”

TolunaInsights is an end-to-end automatic platform with strong solutions, including;

Audiences: Access members of Toluna’s international community of 21+ million influencers across 68 markets in a period of time to run surveys on-demand. Further, Toluna offers Digital trailing that provides new real-time insight into digital behavioral information.

Surveys: produce surveys via an extremely subtle, nevertheless easy-to-use engine, or access the PowerSuite of automatic methodologies.

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