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Top 10 Martech Thought Leaders Insights – 2020 Roundup

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2020 has taught us many things but we would like to focus on the goods ones, so we are here with Top 10 Martech Insights of 2020 from Martech Cubes’ Interviews

With decorated streets and Santa’s and Snowmen standing outside the houses in the neighborhood, we can understand Christmas has arrived and it’s time to bid good-bye to 2020, even if it might not have been that great for almost all of us. But one thing is for sure that this year has taught the human race many things, and it has also taught many things to marketers with respect to marketing. So, here at Martech Cube, we have short-listed the top 10 Thoughtful Martech Quotes from Martech Leaders in our Thought-Leadership Interview Feature. Yes, the same interview section where you see martech mavens every week.

Actually, that section is a magic studio in itself, where these big names take the keyboard in this Martech Cube’s studio and offer tons of martech knowledge and insights amongst which we capture as much as our net of questions can and serve it to you as the President’s feast.

So, without any delay, let’s get started with some of the most thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring quotes of 2020.

1. Tom Treanor, CMO, Arm Treasure Data
“One of the problems, it is that so many companies have data within various silos, but they really haven’t made the effort yet to pull that data together to unify their customer profile.”

We just couldn’t resist ourselves from starting this piece with the quote of one of the well-known Martech maven, Tom Treanor.  We have had a chance to do a couple of thought leadership interviews with him and also a very insightful Podcast with Tom.

In this statement, the CMO of Arm Treasure Data says that there are various isolated, disconnected or an incomplete integration of companies where there is a large amount of data which is still untouched and can be extremely useful from a marketing perspective and the problem is that the companies are not taking efforts to pull that data together to unify their customer profile.

2. Christina Mautz, CMO, Moz
 “Technology startups should choose their first marketing technology investments as wisely as they choose their first hires”

Almost all of us know Moz, it is a popular brand with some of the most accurate and best Digital Marketing tools in the market. Interaction with Christina Mautz was full of knowledge to which digital marketers can live by.

Here Christina offers enlightenment for the technology startups, entrepreneur, and individuals who are willing to be an entrepreneur in the future. She says that startups should make their first martech (marketing technology) investment after thorough research and very wisely, in something that can be useful for them in performing various tasks, just like they choose their first employee.

3. James McDermott, Co-founder & CEO, Lytics
 “The legacy approach for marketing technology is to solve a specific problem in a specific channel with a specific tool.”

Lytics is a pioneer in the Customer Data platform and their Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, James McDermott has thrown light on various untraced aspects of customer data and martech.

In this statement, James reframes and highlights the legacy approach of Martech by this statement. He highlights the fact that the inheritance of marketing technology is to solve a particular problem of marketers in a certain channel with a peculiar tool.

4. Maria Pergolino, CMO, ActiveCampaign
 “Personalization isn’t just about sending an email that has your customer’s name in the subject line. Personalization is about understanding and delivering to a customer’s specific challenges, knowing their past purchases, engaging at the ideal time, and through the ideal channel.”

ActiveCampaign is a popular Martech brand and we had their Chief Marketing Officer, Maria Pergolino on-board with us for a thought-leadership piece. It was truly an amazing conversation with her.

Here Maria has defined the true meaning of personalization in a couple of sentences. There are many people who think that doing a mail merge and sending an email with the name of the receiver is what personalization is all about, but that’s not true. Maria puts light on the fact that personalization is a lot more than that. Personalization is about understanding the specific challenges of the customers and delivering them solutions by learning about their past purchases, engaging with them at the right time, and through the ideal channel of engagement and marketing.

5. Will Warren, CTO, Searchspring
 “Running an ecommerce store has the same uptime requirements as a nuclear powerstation”

Searchspring is a brand famous for giving superpowers, yes, you heard me right. Searchspring gives search and merchandising superpowers to the ecommerce teams, and we had one of their magicians, their Chief Technology Officer, Will Warren for Martech Cube’s Interview session.

In the above statement, Will Warren puts light on the difficulties faced by ecommerce businesses and he compares that running an ecommerce store means having the same uptime as a nuclear PowerStation, as if the site is down for few seconds you can face huge losses.

6. Scott Guttenberger, Sr. Director Product Marketing, TapClicks
 “Data-based decision making will lead to marketers being more efficient and more precise.”

TapClicks is a leading Martech brand and Martech Cube had a very informative interaction with their Senior Director of Product Marketing, Scott Guttenberger.

In this statement Scott highlights the importance of data in the present decision-making process, he states that the decisions made on the basis of data will lead to marketers being more efficient and more accurate.

Marketing Operations Platform

As Scott Guttenberger believes and says, he even offers the same superpowers to his customers through the Marketing Operations Platform of TapClicks. Marketing Operations Platform of TapClicks allows users to collect and analyze their data and get useful insights that help marketers in more precise and efficient decision making.

7. Clint Oram, Co-founder & CSO, SugarCRM
 “Today, marketing is much more of a measured science than yesterday’s guessing.”

SugarCRM is a popular Martech Brand with expertise in Customer Relationship Management. We had their Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Clint Oram with us for a conversation at Martech Cube.

In this sentence, Clint showcases how marketing has evolved with the integration of technology. He covers the transformation of Marketing to Martech in a few words. He rightly says that marketing today has become a measure science as marketers are taking calculated decisions with the help of data analytics and technologies when compared to yesterday’s guessing because the majority of the decisions were made by marketers on the basis of their instincts and experience.

Clint Oram with his team has developed their SugarCRM platform in a way that it perfectly suits his words. SugarCRM platform offers all the metrics required for science and also offers valuable insights and predictions. 

8. Deana Thornton, Director of Commerce Marketing, Mailchimp
 “The best marketing technology keeps customer engagement and solutions for acquisition and nurturing at the heart of the platform “

Deana Thornton is a director of Commerce marketing at Mailchimp, a leading marketing automation platform and a renowned martech brand of the United States. Her interaction with Martech Cube portrays that she has an out of the box approach towards the marketing technology arena.

In this quote, Deana has given a definition of the phrase ‘best marketing technology’ and sets the perfect criteria to choose the best marketing technology in the present market. She says that the best marketing technology keeps customer engagement and customer acquisition and nurturing solutions at the center of its platform.

9. Mar Brandt, Sr. VP & Head of Sales, AppsFlyer
 “When you think about what powers AI, it’s data and the quality of data is increasingly important to the output of AI and machine learning. It’s natural that preparation for an AI-centric world begins with ensuring data is accurate and accessible.”

AppsFlyer is a leading Mobile Marketing Analytics and Attribution platform and their Senior Vice President and Head of Sales has offered amazing insights in her Interview with Martech Cube.

With the above statement, Mar Brandt lights the candle for the marketers who are relatively new to martech and AI. She puts light on the fact that the data powers Artificial Intelligence and the quality of data is important for the output of AI and machine learning. She also brings to the notice that if we are preparing for an AI-centric world then we must ensure that the data we have should be accurate and accessible.

10. Justin Keller, VP of Marketing, Terminus
 “You don’t necessarily need lots of technology to run a successful ABM program, but you absolutely need data to help teams focus on the right targets”

Last but not least in our top 10 martech quotes is the Vice President of Terminus, Justin Keller. Martech Cube’s conversation with him is full of points on the importance of rich data sets and their role in the present day’s marketing.

In this quote, Justin Keller has tried to bring the focus of marketers on the importance of data in Account-based Marketing. He rightly says that for a successful ABM program you don’t necessarily need many technologies but you definitely need data that can help your marketing and sales teams to concentrate on the right target accounts.

Rounding Up

That’s it. This is how we round up the year 2020 and bid it goodbye.

Nooo….. Are we missing something? Yes. Are we missing out, some great interview sessions with some amazing quotes by some well-known leaders? Definitely yes!!!

We just can’t wrap up our 2020 without mentioning these brands, so check-out our honorable mentions of 2020 below.

Honorable Mentions

We really had some sleepless nights because of this article! I mean, when you have conducted 53 interviews in a year, with the leaders and brands that are the game turners in their particular niche and are playing a key role in the transformation process of the Marketing Sector and Martech Industry, and you have to select on 10 out of them, then I am sure everyone would have had a confused and tough time.

So after having exactly 10 cups of coffee we had to ultimately push ourselves to add few more names to the list as we just couldn’t afford to keep them away from this limelight as every statement mentioned here has loads of insights to offer in a very few sentences! 

So without wasting much time let’s be qualitative other than being quantitative! Let’s begin with Martech Cube’s 5 Honorable Mentions of 2020.

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