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Abacus Launches Multi-Channel Attribution Services

AbacusBI helps brands to overcome iOS privacy updates and Facebook Analytics shutdown.
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Abacus Growth Agency Inc., a Toronto-based digital consultancy firm, is introducing a new service offering to drive more accurate performance marketing reporting through platform-agnostic, first-party data.

AbacusBI was recently developed as a result of Apple’s privacy updates, in addition to the news of Facebook Analytics being no longer available after June 30, 2021, which left marketers scrambling for solutions. “For the first time in history, brands are becoming hostage in a global battle between the world’s largest advertising platforms,” says Jeff Goldenberg, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Abacus. “Marketers are now trying to figure out how to beat the loss of key signals while still driving performance results. With AbacusBI, we’ll be able to strategize, design, implement, and track our clients’ first-party data, which will produce precise digital media allocation”.

Abacus is making AbacusBI available to a select number of new and current clients starting today, April 13th, 2021. The company will work with brand marketers to develop attribution strategies, and to determine how to scale campaigns that drive strong, verifiable ROI.

AbacusBI has the technological and analytical capabilities needed to answer important marketing questions, such as: what is the customer’s true CPA in relation to its actual LTV; how to best approach full-funnel acquisition; and which percentage of a brand’s marketing is going to waste.

Its tool shields clients from reliance on cookies, pixels, and imperfect last-touch attribution models. It captures users’ journeys from the moment users start interacting with a client’s website. It also tracks newly acquired leads and re-opt-ins (re-acquired leads who engaged with an ad, or opted in to a new lead form, or purchased from a new offer after adding the product to cart again) through the client’s email and order tracking systems.

“Many companies struggle with attribution due to the fact that they don’t start with a sound attribution strategy at first,” adds Peter Reitano, Co-Founder and CEO of Abacus. “AbacusBI is more than an attribution service; it’s a strategic plan on how to generate more first-party data, and how to use that to grow your business.”

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