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Adobe adds Attribution IQ- A New Feature in the System.

adobe Attribution IQ

Adobe has recently added Attribution IQ, smart speakers and travel industry feature to provide marketers with exclusive tools for following customers, directing ads or assigning credit. Adobe is launching a variety of improved features to make marketers’ work a lot easier.

Attribution IQ is an innovative solution providing 10 different models for computing the influence of different marketing efforts. According to Senior Product Manager, Adobe, Trevor Paulsen, Analytics has “always offered a few of the basic attribution models, including first, last, linear and participation.” He said, Attribution IQ, would now be a part of Analysis Workspace in the Analytics cloud of Adobe and help marketers to find how attribution “differs between specific campaigns or groups of users, for instance.”

At the same time, in the Adobe Experience Cloud, the company is adding new features for the travel industry. Adobe has also integrated the Audience Manager in the Experience Cloud and the Analytics Cloud. It would help brands to improve their estimation capabilities and track travelers across touch points.

Product Marketing Manager Nate Smith expressed in a blog post, “the way a consumer interacts with an airline’s mobile app is a challenge to track effectively: a traveler may check-in the day prior to the flight on their laptop, open the app to gain access to the boarding pass once in the security line and may check the weather at their destination while onboard, using the in-flight wifi. Adobe Analytics can help the airline understand this as one customer journey vs. separate interactions.”

The Advertising Cloud can now help clients to enable ad personalization based on purchase history, online actions, and loyalty program status. Adobe feels, with the incorporation of new features the hotel chains would now be able to seamlessly customize the ads based on the loyalty program status for frequent travelers. Then they can project a different ad once the traveler has checked into their hotel.

The Advertising Cloud has also launched new smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa, Sonos devices and Bose SoundTouch for the clients to target 90-second audio ads. The addition of all these features is going to add more customers to Adobe already established clientele base.

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