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EPC PRIME offers ABC’s more market opportunities, more money

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Energy Deals LLC announces its innovative, cloud-based, energy sales solution, EPC PRIME. This comprehensive software solution featuring universally accepted industry practices and procedures using technology to do what a sales and back office support team can’t accomplish manually. With unparalleled speed, the software provides pricing and the ability to generate digital or paper contracts on-site, eliminating unnecessary trips to the customer’s office and thus closing more deals generating more income and profit.

Businesses can now:

  • Generate more sales, revenue and profit.
  • Expand nationally, overnight using our licensing.
  • Open more marketing and sales channel opportunities.

The software is a culmination of the founder’s forty-one years of energy industry expertise, superior programming and program management talent, combined with the best possible technology. This software solution goes well beyond the scope of other market products, while perfecting the automated sales process for residential consumers and small businesses.  ABC’s (agents, brokers and consultants) have a tailored product version: EPC PRIME, opening additional marketing opportunities with affinity programs, affiliate marketing programs and the consumer version energypricechoice which addresses the consumer need for simplification of deregulation’s supplier choice.

Energy is traded as a commodity and experiences daily changes in pricing making it very difficult to update supplier pricing for client requests, therefore the EPC PRIME platform helps to reduce energy choice decision making to the quick and simple task that it should be with the consumer confidence, that always needs to be part of the energy business. With a founder who is an advocate for deregulation and consumer choice, Energy Deals is certainly at the forefront of the industry technology with its simple but effective methods of minimizing customer acquisition costs for its stakeholders while creating a truly refreshing user experience with its energy marketplace.

About Energy Deals LLC: Energy Deals LLC is an energy marketplace which compares over 1 million natural gas and electric rates from more than 40 suppliers across most all deregulated states. To learn how to put the power of this turnkey innovation, at your fingertips, EPC PRIME please contact Shakshi Paul, Program Manager at 440-822-3188 for additional information or more importantly schedule your product demonstration.

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