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How important is Brand Safety in the world of user-generated content?

Importance of Brand Safety

Here you will find ways to tackle your brand’s reputation when your brand’s ad shows up next to objectionable content?

As digital media has evolved in the recent years, brand safety has been one of the hot topics around the world. Consumers expect brands to understand where they want to see their ads and next to what content. Simply because your ad is shown next to a piece of content, many consumers think of it sponsored by you. So, it is important for you to logically place ads to that content which doesn’t harm brand value as a customer believes what he sees.

Are Digital Media giants willing to help?

Media Giants Facebook and Google have constantly made it a priority to provide their advertisers with best solutions. A recent update on Facebook has made it mandatory for brands to produce quality content that resonates well with the customers.

Is your ad next to risky content?

As soon as you find that, make sure you collect enough information before shutting down your campaigns. You can later edit in a better way.

To clearly determine the value your brand has got from the ad, you can ask a couple of questions below:

  • Time Frame of your ad, that ran near objectionable content?
  • Was it due to some technical issue or from the ad vendor?

Below steps will help you to make more clear decisions


First things first, think about what the issue is rather than pausing the campaign. There is no fix which can do changes in a minute so think logically.

Second, ask your vendor to provide support on why this has happened and give you measures for the same.

Moreover, make sure you put up social listening so that if it has become a PR issue you can assert it easily.

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