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Conversational User Interfaces – Martech structuring into the routine

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You have lost your way in the in a new town with no one to seek guidance from available nearby. What do you do now? The answer is elementary. Flip open your smartphone and ask OK Google or Siri to help you out. Yes, we are referring to the voice assistants from Google and Apple respectively. It is the simplest example of a conversational user interface. search engine marketing

Conversational user interface – A basic understanding

A conversational UI allows you to interact with computers in the same way you do with humans. The voice assistants respond to the user by voice. You can do a variety of tasks such as booking restaurant tables, movie tickets, schedule appointments, and seek directions to your destination, and so on. This list is endless.

Conversational user interface – Smart thinking

There is more to conversational user interface than recognizing voices. The intelligent interfaces today can understand the intentions behind the words. This contextual awareness and artificial intelligence reasoning are influencing companies to bet big on conversational user interfaces. The technology has advanced to a significant extent that conversational UI can also work well on devices that do not have screens. The Amazon Echo is one such example.

How conversational user interfaces serve businesses?

Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Mattel have set up conversation-based interfaces powered by AI Chatbots. The Chatbots have replaced the telephones and web searches by serving as stand-alone interfaces to handle customer requests and complaints as well. A classic example is that of KLM, an international airline. It allows travellers to receive the boarding passes, confirm bookings, and receive check-in details and flight status through Facebook Messenger.

We are witnessing a new era of computing where machine learning and artificial intelligence play a significant role in creating the potential for conversation as the latest mode of interaction with technology.

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