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Ways of Incorporating Geofilters into Your Marketing Strategy

Ways of Incorporating Geofilters into Your Marketing Strategy

Currently, major business platforms are taking advantage of the newly launched location-based geo-filters or geo-location tags. The personalised screen of the geo-filters offers you to pinpoint potential customers in specific geographical areas. It’s beneficial when your customers are within a close radius of your physical business location. Here are few ways of incorporating geo-filter into your marketing strategy.

1. Employ Geofilters to Draw Talent And Engage Employees
Geofenced ads serve as a cost-effective medium for any business house to advertise in the B2B space. Set geo-filters around your conference hall during your next industry event to pull fresh talent into your business. You may also consider installing geo-filter at your corporate HQ to boost the morale of your employees.

2. Use Geofilters an Opt-In Strategy Which Puts Privacy First
The geo-filters enables you to use location-based marketing which can help in precision delivery for any campaigns based on the delivery platform. However, there are some restrictions imposed by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which should be kept in mind while marketing the ads. Location data is now termed as “personal data” which need a more strict approach in delivering solutions.

3. Mark the ‘Right Moment’ For Engaging With Consumers
Geofilters acts as a useful marketing tool for business houses to initiate footfalls with the help of apps like Pokemon Go, Snap and Facebook. It is beneficial for the brands to engage more customers as geolocation is considered a powerful indicator of the intent of customers.

4. Incorporation of AI to Amplify Location-Based Marketing Intelligence
Data-driven AI technology would help the brands in using geo-location to know exactly where there is a requirement of the products. It would help companies to market their merchandise more intelligently and offer them an edge over the competitors.

5. Create Your Geofilters Both Appropriate And Entertaining
The companies should make a conscious effort to make their geo-filters appropriate and entertaining for the customers. The brands should always ensure that the geo-filters do not intrude into the private space of the consumers. The marketing should be strategic in the use of filters and should add value and entertainment to the system.

So, these were the top 5 ways of incorporating geo-filters in your marketing strategies.

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