Martech News

Optimization, Personalization & Testing

Teikametrics announced Agency Edition

Teikametrics, the leading AI-powered Marketplace Optimization Platform with over $1B+ in annual ad sales optimized, is thrilled to introduce Agency …

GigaCloud Technology Inc announced acquisition of Wondersign

GigaCloud Technology Inc (Nasdaq: GCT) (“GigaCloud” or the “Company”), a pioneer of global end-to-end B2B ecommerce solutions for large parcel …
Advocacy, Loyalty & Referrals

The Future of Revenue: Crossbeam

Crossbeam, the Ecosystem-Led Growth platform, today released a new report showing that a majority of sales leaders expect to miss …
Customer Experience, Service & Success

Broadvoice wins 2023 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award

Broadvoice, an omnichannel contact center platform and unified communications provider for small and mid-market businesses, announced today that TMC has named the …

Hero Media partners with AdTheorent to Create Hero One

AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADTH), a machine-learning pioneer and industry leader using privacy-forward solutions to deliver measurable value for programmatic advertisers, …
Performance Marketing

Blockboard announced the release of BlockCONNECT

Performance CTV ad platform Blockboard today announced the release of its new proprietary attribution technology solution, BlockCONNECT. The cookie-less platform provides clean, …
Customer Experience, Service & Success

Uniphore and Workair partner to Bring Enterprise AI to Ireland

Uniphore, one of the world’s largest AI-native companies, announced a strategic partnership with Workair, the largest cloud communications specialist in …

FischTank PR named to PRNEWS Agency Elite Top 100 List for 2nd Year

FischTank PR, a leading public relations and marketing firm spanning sustainability/cleantech, B2B technologies, healthcare/biotech, real estate and professional services, today …
Data Analytics

ibi expands Portfolio with ibi™ Data Intelligence

ibi, a scalable data and analytics software platform that makes data easy to access and analytics easy to consume, today …