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Startup conDati launches a unique approach that translates marketing data to marketing insights

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conDati, a startup dealing with futuristic data analytics declare its latest flagship service, conDati Marketing Anaytics that works on a unique approach to data analytics. Along with this, the company announced its chief milestones and achievements that include $4.75 million of Series A financing.  Furthermore, it hired a data scientist to reinforce the system and traction with the customers.

Success with series A finance

In the last month, conDati reached series A financing with $4.75 million investments from veterans of Silicon Valley who expertise in AI, data science, and machine learning.

Leverages economics of cloud

conDati is built on cloud-system so it offers scalability and reliability round the clock. The company uses the cloud to facilitate the small and mid-sized companies with access to top-class, actionable, reliable and affordable data science. conDati accumulates data from credible data sources including Adode Analytics, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc. It uses marketing automation systems such as Cordial, Salesforce Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud so as to provide its customers with transparency and visibility into cost and volume of the digital campaigns. Post the collection of the data, the company’s robust machine learning algorithms are used to build predictive models.

Next-generation Data analytics

conDati boasts of offering futuristic analytics whereby it uses cloud-based data science to gather data from silsoed martech systems. It then provides three distinct types of analytics including:

  • Descriptive analytics – It depicts the performance of the digital marketing campaigns of the organizations with respect to the goals, in real-time. It can compare different campaigns across the time periods and mine campaign summary of every single campaign.
  • Predictive analytics – It forecasts the performance of the campaign in near future and depicts it statistically. It predicts long-term trends of the revenue so that the executives can make requisite changes to the strategies in advance.
  • Prescriptive analytics – The customers will get recommendations regarding the amount of money to be spent in the campaign by conDati Marketing Analytics.


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