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Treasure Data Provides Game-Changing Analytics for Brands with Launch of Treasure Insights

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Treasure Data™ today introduced new product capabilities for its Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provide game-changing analytics to brands. Treasure Data also announced 15 new integrations, bringing the total number of connectors in its network to more than 170. Finally, with this release, Treasure Data launched an in-store SDK (software development kit) that provides retailers a complete, unified view of the shoppers’ journey.

“Treasure Data empowers businesses to build insights at the speed of customer decisions,” said Rob Parrish, vice president of product, Treasure Data. “Backed by our industry-leading customer data management capabilities, Treasure Data continues to build on its comprehensive solution to further accelerate time to value for our customers.”

Treasure Insights: Customizable and Out-of-the-Box Dashboard Accelerators for Customer Analytics

Treasure Insights transforms the way large marketing teams coordinate their go-to-market strategies. Executives can easily obtain a bird’s-eye view of marketing activities and ROI across different regions and product lines. Strategists can quickly glean customer insights and build effective marketing plans when it matters the most. And campaign managers can understand which audiences, channels and messaging are driving the most conversions.

“Treasure Data continues to prioritize and invest in customer analytics to fit enterprise needs,” says Karen Donovan, senior manager, customer data platform program, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “The out-of-the-box dashboard accelerators allow us to quickly extract insights and easily share reports with our entire team.”

Treasure Insights gives brands a new suite of customer analytics that provide marketers with full visibility into customer behaviors and the effectiveness of marketing activities. With Treasure Insights, marketing teams can understand changing customer behaviors and connect insight to action faster, making it easier to grow customer loyalty and revenue. Treasure Insights delivers customizable and out-of-the-box dashboard accelerators to support all use cases:

  • content affinity, campaign engagements, purchase behaviors and more
  • Audience segment demographics and behavioral attributes
  • ML-driven insights on lifetime value, next best actions and churn probability
  • Attribution dashboards leveraging the most commonly used models

“At BoxyCharm, understanding our customer is our biggest priority because it enables us to accurately recommend products they will love,” says Charles Pich, vice president of business intelligence at BoxyCharm. “Treasure Data’s new advanced analytics capabilities give us the deep insights we need to serve our customers’ needs and provide personalized experiences.”

“Treasure Data has become our single source of truth when it comes to digital marketing,” says Tessa Bicard, director of marketing, Trifecta Nutrition. “The new visualization dashboards provide full visibility into customer behaviors, customer journey analysis and orchestration effectiveness.”

“Treasure Data’s unified customer view is helping us transform our customer touchpoints by allowing us to have more contextual interactions,” says Deepak Bhosale, general manager, systems at Asian Paints. “Beyond digital marketing, we are in the process of leveraging Treasure Data at our contact center to improve our ability to convert the prospects into our customers.”

15 New Integrations in Connector Network: Advancing MarTech Stack Support

In addition to Treasure Insights, Treasure Data’s highly configurable and platform-agnostic system has added 15 new connectors that include Amazon DSP, LinkedIn, Gigya and more. The integrations enable faster data ingestion, analytics and seamless campaign execution, providing marketing teams a single place to store data and analyze it for better decision-making.

In-Store SDK: Location-Based Physical Profile

As more businesses reopen their doors to customers, Treasure Data has launched a new in-store SDK that puts a complete, unified view of the shoppers’ journey at the retailers’ fingertips, allowing their teams to make the best in-the-moment decisions to stay competitive, drive loyalty and grow. With Treasure Data’s new in-store SDK, retail mobile apps can now deliver a rich set of connected shopper data to marketers, store associates and customer service representatives. The in-store SDK gives brands the ability to unify digital shopper profiles with the physical in-store data needed to understand complete buyers’ journeys and achieve a holistic customer view.

To learn more about all of Treasure Data’s new capabilities, please visit here or sign up to attend our webinar on October 27.

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