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Issuu Announces 100% Commission-Free Digital Sales at Adobe MAX

Content creators can now leverage Issuu’s massive marketplace to sell subscriptions and individual publications - and keep what they earn
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Today at Adobe MAX, Issuu announced that it is permanently eliminating commissions on the sale of digital publications.

Work as we know it has been upended since the start of the pandemic. Early on, we all had a lot of hope that the changes would be short-lived, and so many companies worked with their customers to find creative ways to weather the storm together.

At Issuu, we suspended revenue sharing on the sale of digital publications through our platform. While monetizing digital sales helped generate revenue for Issuu, it felt like the right thing to do. No one could predict how the digital content and publishing industries would fare, or how the pandemic might affect print operations. And, many of our nonprofits rely on digital content sales for fundraising. We wanted all of our customers to have the best possible chance to thrive in difficult conditions.

While the change was originally meant to be temporary, we never turned revenue sharing back on. Because it helped, in a very real and tangible way. From March-September 2020, sales of digital publication units via Issuu grew more than 841%, and combined revenue for all publishers selling via Issuu customers is up more than 363%.

The effects have been inspiring for everyone. Publishers are making more money than ever through Issuu, and we are adding scores of new content creators every day.

We are happy to announce today at the Adobe® MAX conference that we are eliminating commissions permanently.

“Our wellness clients love our global digital magazine, Wellness Lounge, on Issuu,” said Desiree Watson, founder of Wellness Interactive Branding. “With our great team, we create quality wellness content designed to educate people while transitioning into a healthy lifestyle routine – something that has been especially challenging in times of COVID.”

Watson continued, “Issuu’s publishing and distribution features help us create professional campaigns from our content, driving sales of our publications. We’re excited to see Issuu continue to support content creators by offering us a commission-free platform.”

Over the past few years, Issuu has transformed into a full-fledged SaaS content publishing platform. The Issuu Story Cloud empowers content creators to transform static PDF assets into interactive and optimized multi-channel campaigns for web, social, email, and more.

The reader marketplace has more than 100 million unique monthly visitors, offering creators access to an active ecosystem to distribute content. Issuu’s Digital Sales feature includes e-commerce tools to sell content to people around the world.

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