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Reach Analytics Hits Major Data Milestone with Self-Service Predictive Marketing Cloud

Reach's Predictive Marketing Cloud Targets Leads for Top Brand and Agency Clients; 20 Billion Leads and Counting
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Reach Analytics, the leading provider of predictive marketing for brands and agencies, today announced reaching a major data milestone, scoring over 20 billion leads with predictive modeling, leading to an increase in campaign targeting of 55% on average and an increase in campaign ROI from 3-10X.

The Reach predictive cloud offers brands and agencies something they’ve never had access to before, specifically the ability to create predictive profiles of customers and prospects, in real-time—and automates the entire predictive marketing process end-to-end – from data wrangling, to algorithmic modeling, to profile reports and scoring, without needing to involve large teams of data scientists.

“Customers come to us because they need a platform that will help find actual buyers, not just a list of filtered names that may or may not become a customer,” said Ben Barenholtz, VP of Marketing at Reach Analytics. “Our cloud wades through billions of data points and provides instant predictive analysis so marketers can take action. They get a richer profile of existing customers and learn who else, out in the crowd, is most likely to want to buy their product.”

In addition to scoring over 20 billion leads, the Reach predictive marketing platform can build thousands of models per day, massively increasing the effectiveness of smart marketers by reducing their reliance on manual data science. With over a 100 million leads provided since only 2017, Reach is by the far leading cloud-based provider of predictive consumer targeting data.

“The problem isn’t having all the data, everyone has piles of data now. It’s how you make it useful,” said Chandra Pisupati, VP of Engineering at Reach Analytics. “Our cloud platform analyzes the data so marketers know who to target based on machine learning and predictive modeling.”

Users can simply upload a list of names and physical addresses, or emails, and the platform cleans, households, de-dupes, and appends data in minutes. This allows marketers to input past campaign results, build models, get customer and responder profiles, and access top prospects or responders in a couple minutes from scratch.

Designed specifically for marketers in customer acquisition and retention, the Reach Analytics predictive marketing platform lets consumer marketers uncover insights about their customers and find prospects faster, easier and more accurately than ever before.

About Reach Analytics

Reach Analytics provides cloud-based, automated predictive marketing with the only predictive platform designed specifically for brands. Delivering advanced consumer targeting, profiling and customer acquisition, Reach Analytics enables marketers to develop a deeper understanding of their customers and accurately discover and reach their best prospects—in minutes rather than weeks or months. Reach Analytics is a privately held technology company headquartered in Redwood City, California.

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