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New Partnership between ServiceNow and Adobe for enhanced customer service

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ServiceNow and Adobe have announced the integration of the software systems so that they can work together. This is an attempt by both the companies to improve the applications which the customer service representatives use.

ServiceNow has been developing software that big organizations have used to field the internal requests from their employees to the IT department of their company. But since the last few years, the company has branched into developing similar software to handle requests from the external customers and to be used by customer service departments martech news.

Adobe, best known for its digital image software, Photoshop has now moved to become a major cloud-based software seller that is used by big organizations to conduct and execute digital marketing campaigns which in turn gives it the data on what is liked by the customers and what is disliked by them about a given specific brand.

This new partnership will enable the customer service representative to see the profile of a customer, whenever the customer contacts any brand via the ServiceNow and Adobe systems. They will also be able to see the data about what the customers have purchased or tried to look for help on a website in the past, which will be pulled together by Adobe. 

The aim of this partnership is to help prepare the representative in a better way to handle the requests of the customer.

It is also to meet the customer’s expectations of getting the right experience.

This will prove to be beneficial for the customer service providers as well as their customers. To know more about such latest alliances and partnerships to increase the martech services’ efficiency, follow the martech cube. Martech cube delivers regular content from in and around the industry of martech.


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