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CMS & Web Experience Management

Liferay DXP now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Liferay, the developer of an enterprise level, cloud-powered digital experience platform (DXP), today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, …
Customer Experience, Service & Success

Pudu Robotics launches KettyBot Pro for Personalized CX

Pudu Robotics, the global leader in commercial service robotics, today launched KettyBot Pro, the next generation of its industry-leading delivery …
Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Genpact announced multi-year engagement with Advantage Solutions

Genpact’s data, technology, and AI prowess combined with Advantage Solutions’ consumer goods industry expertise to drive scalable innovation and enhanced …
Customer Engagement

Animoto reveals Top Video Trends for Businesses in 2024

Animoto, a video editing platform that makes it easy for anyone to create professional videos for marketing, sales, internal communications …
Customer Experience, Service & Success

Talkdesk named BigCommerce Technology Partner

Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud, an end-to-end customer experience platform, gives retailers a full set of enterprise-level artificial intelligence-powered, retail-specific applications …
Appriss Retail
Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Appriss Retail introduces Workbench

Appriss Retail, a leading provider of data and analytics solutions designed to reduce retail losses, decrease returns, and provide a …

Precision in Measuring CTV, YouTube & TV Amid Walled Garden Challenges

With buyers and planners shifting budgets from Linear TV to thriving CTV, the challenge of deduplicating CTV (including YouTube, Netflix, …
Bright Pattern
Customer Experience, Service & Success

Bright Pattern announced the partnership of Grupês

Bright Pattern is happy to announce the partnership of Grupês, a contact center solutions provider based out of Lisbon, Portugal. Grupês …
Conversational Intelligence

Echo AI unveils expansion in conversation intelligence

Today, Echo AI (formerly Pathlight) announced a transformative expansion of its platform and a strategic rebrand, marking a new era in conversation …